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TruRehab of Eau Claire
"Recover in comfort & style"



Britany Konsela
Therapy Director
Genesis Rehabilitation

TruRehab of Eau Claire allows for our guests to recover in comfort and style. The TruRehab Community is unlike any other traditional skilled rehabilitation facility in the area. We believe that therapy is about gaining both physical and mental strength, and that your caregiver's education is just as critical to the recovery process as the therapy itself.

Services available at TruRehab of Eau Claire:


Dining Experience
TruRehab is proud to offer our Guests choices in their dining selection which include:

  • The Barstow Street Cafe, where you can dine with other TruRehab quests
  • In-room service where you can enjoy your meals in the privacy of your own suite
  • After hours menu with a variety of snack to choose from

Life Enrichment Choices
TruRehab understands that during your stay your focus is on regaining strength and returning home again. However, when the time comes for a little entertainment, our Life Enrichment personnel offer a variety of activities that are sure to suit everyone's needs which include:

  • Independent Activities
    • Learning Library
    • Movie rentals
    • Books on tape
    • Internet access
  • Educational Activities
    • cooking safety
    • fire safety
    • living wills
    • POA papers
  • Social Groups
    • Happy Hour
    • Computer Education
    • Photography Classes
    • Nutrition 101

Rehab Extension Program
TruRehab has bridged the gap between therapy and nursing. We are proud to be the only facility in the area to provide Certified Rehab Nursing Specialists that have been trained by our in house therapists.

  • They work on the endurance, ambulation, self transfers, flexibility, and strength training of our guests in between therapy sessions.
  • Our rehab extension program also offers our Guests self directed activities that provide education on medication administration, self care and safety management.
  • Lastly, we are proud to announce that our Rehab Extension Program also offers wellness services. These include consultations with our psychologist, chaplain, and orthopedic physician.

Discharge Aftercare
Going home after a rehab stay is exciting! As a Guest, we know you have worked hard to regain your strength.

  • Our Discharge Aftercare Program prepares you for your discharge while at the facility and provides follow up care once you are at home.
  • All Guests will have the opportunity to work with their therapist in the comfort of their own home. This will assist us in determining if there is a need for any adaptive equipment that might make your time at home more successful.
  • Outpatient therapy is always an option for our Guests who discharge, but would like to continue getting stronger and working with our therapy team.
  • Additionally, a wellness nurse is on call daily for our Guests to contact after their discharge to answer any questions that might come up.
  • Finally, all Guests returning home receive a complimentary discharge gift bag complete with discharge care information, fitness schedule, and 2 days of prepared meals to allow time for you to get adjusted and go shopping.

Personal Preferences
Everyone has something that they enjoy doing and would like to continue to do while away from home. TruRehab's Personal Preference Program allows our Guests to assist us in making their therapy stay as much like home as possible.


Therapies Offered

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Any questions or inquiries feel free to contact Jennifer Farrell, Community Liason
by telephone at (715) 456-0814 or email at

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